Topshop Haul

Oh how tempting Topshop can be! I recently visited the Dubai Mall Topshop store. They have a huge selection of clothes there, probably more than what the other branches have. I just wanted to share what I bought for myself and my twin sister (she lives in Muscat, therefore I do all of her shopping here in Dubai).

 Me and my sister Nadya have been obsessed lately with the latest ‘in-color’ – berry. Therefore, I could not resist picking up a gorgeous suede berry colored clutch for the both of us. It is the perfect size and I am definitely going to wear it when I am on my honeymoon (which is 15 days awayJ). It would definitely spice up any outfit, don’t you think?

 Another item I picked for us were burgundy colored leggings. I know, I already own lots and lots of leggings, but a girl can never have too many leggings can she?

 Another item that me and Nadya love to wear lately is the pencil skirt, as it suits our frames perfectly (since we are so petite). Topshop sell such an amazing range of pencil skirts now. I got the black with lace skirt, and bought a gorgeous green one for Nadya.


 One more thing I couldn’t resist buying was one of their ‘supersoft’ blue jeans. I absolutely love how soft and comfortable it is to wear and this is definitely going into my honeymoon bag.

 Well, enough of shopping for now (I am going to have an overflowing cupboard, which my husband won’t be very happy about). Until my next post (all about my upcoming wedding on Dec 22nd), see u soon xx


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