Makeup favorites 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara

 Oh My God!! is the only way I can describe this mascara. This creates seriously dramatic lashes. It is very black, and both volumizing and lengthening. I am not really a mascara person so I only use this on special occasions or if I am going out somewhere nice. I think by far, this is the best mascara I have ever tried and used. This was actually recommended by my favorite beauty blogger Huda Kattan (


Giorgio Armani Face Fabric

I am someone who does not use foundation at all, except in weddings or parties (which do not happen so often). I mostly just use powder for my face. Once in a while, if I need more coverage, I tend to use a tinted moisturizer. I decided to try this product after it was highly recommended by my cousins. They promised that it was extremely light and feels like you have nothing on. I am such a sucker for makeup, especially products that are highly recommended, I just couldn’t resist buying it. I must say I am so glad I bought it. It literally feels like powder on the face and is so light, it’s like you have nothing on. It made my face more even toned and radiant and natural of course. I made sure I packed it into my honeymoon makeup bag.


Urban Decay Naked Palette

When this palette came out, Urban Decay still wasn’t available here. This is the one makeup item I was dying to get my hands on after all the madness it caused in the makeup world when it released. I asked my cousin (who is studying in the UK) to buy it and ship it to me but it was out of stock. Anybody and everybody was raving about it. I was ecstatic when I found out they would start stocking Urban Decay in Sephora Dubai. It was immediately out of stock here too, I had to keep my name on a waiting list. I finally got 2 of them (for myself and my sister). The colors are just gorgeous if it’s for everyday wear or even for a special occasion. Again, I am not an eye shadow person but I have used this a few times. It is very pigmented and also includes a small sized eye shadow primer potion (which I also love by the way). Maybe I should do a ‘Face of the Day’ post soon.

*Naked Palette 2 just released too, though I haven’t bought it yet.


Lime Crime Makeup

 This is a brand sold online and I first heard about it again from my favorite beauty blogger ( Me and my sister Nadya literally went crazy over this brand because of its brightly colored lipsticks and pigment eye shadows. If you love bright colored makeup, then this is the brand for you. Visit to see what I mean.

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre

 The only Chanel makeup item I ever bought is a blush (called Reflex), due to how expensive Chanel makeup is. My dad recently got a new job so he asked me to buy what I want as a little treat from his first salary. And what better way to spend it than on makeup. And what better way to spend (not my money) than on Chanel makeup. I literally went nuts at the Chanel counter (I made my poor husband wait for ages).

I had been reading about the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadows on various beauty blogs (Vivianna Does Makeup among others) so I asked the makeup artist to show me all the colors. Oh My!! Trust me, you can’t leave with just one color, I bought 3!!! Emerveille (a peachy color), Ebloui (a dark copper, burgundy color), and Epatant (a greenish color). I have no words to describe the texture of these eyeshadows. They each come with a mini Chanel eye shadow brush which I personally liked. The texture is like gel, powder and it glides on to the lid so smoothly. I must definitely post a ‘Face of the Day’ soon using one of these eye shadows.

Mind you, these are not cheap (Dhs 162 if I am not mistaken) and I would definitely not have bought it with my own money. I am using these  sparingly as it is so precious. These are selling out so fast, my sister managed to just get Ebloui as all the other colors were sold out.

Hope you enjoyed my 2011 Makeup favorites post. Please leave a comment saying what product(s) you loved this year, I would love to hear from you.



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