Soap & Glory LOVE

The weekend is finally here. It has been a really long and difficult week at work and as soon as I got home, I just wanted to have a hot shower then relax with my husband.

I then decided to take out all my Soap & Glory products (one of my wedding presents from my lovely cousin Sharifa). Soap & Glory attracts me first and foremost because of the pink color, so hard to resist is it not? Also, the packaging of their products are so much fun, I love reading the descriptions on them. All their products have a distinctive fragrance (very sweet), so if you are the kind of girl that loves sweet smelling fragrances, then you will love these products.

These are the products I used today:

Off your Face cleansing cloths

Glad Hair Day Ultra-Shine Daily Super Shampoo- (Amaaaazing product, I LOVE the smell)

Hand Food- (does not feel greasy)

Scrub Your Nose in it- (I love the feel of it on my face, it has really fine particles so it feels gentle on the skin)

Girligo Spray-On Body  Moisturising Mist

Bright Here Bright Now instant-radiance energy balm

One ‘Pit’ Wonder Deodorant Stick

Flake Away Body Polish- (Love this body scrub)

The Righteous Butter- (The packaging promises skin that will feel like velvet and you know what? It does somehow feel like velvet)

How cute are their product names?  Do any of you use Soap & Glory? What do you think of the products?


5 thoughts on “Soap & Glory LOVE

  1. I loooveee their products too and just can’t resist wen I go to boots…can’t wait 2 try all the ones u’ve mentioned….

  2. hi,
    i’d please like to know how much cost ‘The Righteous Butter’ , ‘Clean on Me’, ‘Foam Call’ in Dirhams… sorry i’m not in Dubai but i have a friend that’s there. So i want him to get it for me but i don’t know if the price in Pound vary much from the price in Dirham. please let me know.

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