Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation- Review

I recently bought this foundation and I have already used it a couple of times and I LOVE it. This is the second foundation that I own. The first ever foundation that I  bought was from MAC and I always found it too heavy on my skin. I am not a foundation user. I only use it when I attend parties or weddings which isn’t very often.

I was hunting for a foundation that provided light to medium coverage and also something that would not make my face look too oily. I bought the Clarins Skin Illusion in Honey (Shade 110) after reading a few reviews about it. This is perfect as it is light and I feel like my skin is still able to breathe with this on. It looks natural and gives me a really nice glow. Another thing that I really love about this foundation is the smell. It smells like plants (it does have plant extracts), which I am sure is good for the skin.

If you are looking for a light foundation that looks really natural, then definitely go for this.

Wearing Clarins Skin Illusion


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