Nays favorite beauty and fashion blogs

Hi my darlings. So I thought I would do a different type of post today. I was just sitting at work today and thinking who are the fashion and beauty bloggers that I love the most at the moment and can’t wait for updates from?

Here is a list of bloggers I adore, because they come across as humble and down to earth and are also talented. I really do not care for those that come across as complete show offs (my twin sister Nadya would know exactly what and who I am talking about).

 Do you follow any of these blogs, and do you recommend any other great blogs?

 Huda Kattan-



Tanya Burr-


Katelyn Zborowski-

Dulce Tejeda-



Muhsine Emin-



10 thoughts on “Nays favorite beauty and fashion blogs

  1. Just saw your comment on ChromaMeSilly. So, yes I follow her haha. I’m gonna check out the other blogs you mentioned. I’m always looking for cool blogs, so thanks (:

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