Product Review- Benefit The Sun Beam

About a month ago, I bought Benefit’s The Sun Beam. I went into Sephora to get a primer from Benefit, and the SA just made me try out this highlighter. I am such a sucker for highlighters so I just had to buy this. I have used it quite a few times and so far, I love it.

I love its golden brown color which matches the skin perfectly, and I also love the subtle shimmer in it. It gives the cheekbones a gorgeous and healthy glow. It can also be applied under the brows. The packaging is also super cute and it is so easy to apply. I usually apply it directly on the cheekbones then blend it with my fingers which works perfectly.

Have any of you tried this? What do you think?


Hope you can see the glow



2 thoughts on “Product Review- Benefit The Sun Beam

  1. wow..looks really a sucker for highlighters too..i recently bought the bobbi brown shimmer brick in rose..and im nuts about it….

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