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NOTD- Topshop War Paint

I love this Topshop nail color. It applies beautifully and although it appears bright orange in the pictures, it is actually a pinkish orange.

What other Topshop nailpolish do you recommend?


My Favorite Product of the Month- April

Hi my darling friends,

Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was really hectic. We spent time with mine and my husband’s family and also did some grocery shopping.

It’s time again for my favorite product of this month. I chose the Bioderma Sensibio H2O as my favorite as I ran out of my second bottle of it this month, and I was searching high and low for another one, but it was out of stock in all the Boots stores that I visited. I really panicked as this is hands down the best makeup remover out there, especially for someone like me who is extremely prone to eye infections.

I decided to try my luck at our local pharmacy and lo and behold, one last bottle was standing there waiting for me to pick it up haha. Even my poor husband (who experienced my frustration at not finding this product) was psyched that I finally got it.

Who else can’t live without this amazing makeup remover?


Review- Topshop cream blushes

Hi my friends,

Time for another review. I recently blogged about the Topshop cream blushes that I bought. I almost always buy makeup that has been given good reviews by beauty bloggers and everyone had amazing things to say about these blushes, that I just had to go and buy them for myself.

I bought 3 shades (I plan to give one to my sister). I LOVE the texture of these blushes, they are so light and spread so easily on the skin, and sort of has a powder finish. They also give such a natural, healthy glow to the cheeks and does not make me look shiny at all.  I also adore the packaging, although it gets dirty very easily.

If you haven’t tried cream blushes before or are wary of them, then definitely try these. It is now a staple in my makeup bag as I do not need a brush to apply, I just use my fingers. It also comes with a mirror which is a big plus.

Has anyone tried the Topshop cream blushes or any other makeup from Topshop? Let me know what you think. Which is your favorite based on the swatches below?

L-R: Head Over Heels , Flush, Neon Rose

L-R: Head Over Heels, Flush, Neon Rose

Blog of Beauty Tag

I love reading tags on beauty blogs, so I decided to do one myself, after reading a similar tag from the blog Antique-Purple (

The 5 questions
1) What is your favourite part about blogging?
My favorite part is definitely reading my reader’s comments.
2) Is there something you dislike about blogging?
Not at all, I love it.
3) What are your favourite types of posts to read?
I love reading reviews of new products in the market, as I buy all my makeup and skincare based on reviews.
4) What’s your favorite post from your own blog?
The makeup or skincare reviews are my favorite.
5) Which beauty product do you want to purchase due to reading another persons blog? 
At the moment, I want to buy the Olay White Radiance Serum, after reading the review from Huda Beauty (
This was fun. I tag all of you reading this:) Let me know in the comment box if you do this tag too:) 

My lifesaver- Urban Decay’s De-Slick Mattifying Powder

Hi my lovely friends,

So I was just thinking about the one product I really can’t live without (sounds dramatic I know), but all you makeup lovers out there must know what I mean right? It is the one product that makes up part of your daily routine, that would freak you out if you misplaced it or didn’t carry it with you even for one single day.

My lifesaver is the Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder. Before I discovered this product, which is almost a year back, I always had to make sure I carried tissue with me to blot my face midday (especially at work), as I have combination skin. This is my HG powder hands down. It is a translucent white colored powder, that does not leave a white cast on the skin. I apply it with my powder brush in the morning, on my t-zone. My face then stays shine free for practically 6-8 hours. It can be used on naked skin or on top of a fully made up face which is great.

I also really love the purple packaging it comes in, although I don’t really care for the puff that is included inside.

If you suffer from oily/combination skin that constantly needs blotting, then this is the answer for you.

Are any of you currently using this? What do you think?

What product is your lifesaver? I would love to know:)

Image from the Urban Decay website

NOTD- Topshop Play for Keeps 101

Hi guys, sorry for being MIA for a few days, had problems with my computer at home. I am back with yet another NOTD post. I am suddenly becoming obsessed with nailpolishes nowadays for some reason.

I recently visited Topshop to look at some of their cream blushes as I heard good things about them. I ended up buying 2 cream blushes (review coming soon), 1 lipstick and 2 nailpolishes. I know I should stop buying any makeup for a few months at least or I will run of space to keep them but I just can’t seem to help myself *sigh*. Is anyone else like me when they see makeup too???

Anyways, on to my nails. I tried the peach nailpolish called Play for Keeps. It is a gorgeous light peach color, perfect for this season. It looks so girly and pretty that I couldn’t help staring at my nails every few minutes. I applied 2 coats of this along with a top coat. If you are into subtle and light colors, then this is perfect. The quality of the nailpolish is good and ofcourse I couldn’t resist the polka dot packaging that the nailpolish comes in.

Has anyone tried any of the Topshop nailpolishes? What do you think?



A bit of neon, prints and spikes- My ASOS haul

Hi everyone, I was so excited to receive my package from ASOS today. It seemed like ages ago since I placed an order. This is my first time to order for clothes from ASOS, and I was a bit worried about the size, but since I ordered from the ‘petite’ section, the size was perfect.

I am really loving anything with prints, neon colors or spikes this season. Let me know what your fave pick is from what I bought:)

Gorgeous form-fitting midi length neon print dress

This dress is knee length in front and slightly longer at the back

Love the slightly open back