NOTD- Topshop Play for Keeps 101

Hi guys, sorry for being MIA for a few days, had problems with my computer at home. I am back with yet another NOTD post. I am suddenly becoming obsessed with nailpolishes nowadays for some reason.

I recently visited Topshop to look at some of their cream blushes as I heard good things about them. I ended up buying 2 cream blushes (review coming soon), 1 lipstick and 2 nailpolishes. I know I should stop buying any makeup for a few months at least or I will run of space to keep them but I just can’t seem to help myself *sigh*. Is anyone else like me when they see makeup too???

Anyways, on to my nails. I tried the peach nailpolish called Play for Keeps. It is a gorgeous light peach color, perfect for this season. It looks so girly and pretty that I couldn’t help staring at my nails every few minutes. I applied 2 coats of this along with a top coat. If you are into subtle and light colors, then this is perfect. The quality of the nailpolish is good and ofcourse I couldn’t resist the polka dot packaging that the nailpolish comes in.

Has anyone tried any of the Topshop nailpolishes? What do you think?




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