Review- Topshop cream blushes

Hi my friends,

Time for another review. I recently blogged about the Topshop cream blushes that I bought. I almost always buy makeup that has been given good reviews by beauty bloggers and everyone had amazing things to say about these blushes, that I just had to go and buy them for myself.

I bought 3 shades (I plan to give one to my sister). I LOVE the texture of these blushes, they are so light and spread so easily on the skin, and sort of has a powder finish. They also give such a natural, healthy glow to the cheeks and does not make me look shiny at all.  I also adore the packaging, although it gets dirty very easily.

If you haven’t tried cream blushes before or are wary of them, then definitely try these. It is now a staple in my makeup bag as I do not need a brush to apply, I just use my fingers. It also comes with a mirror which is a big plus.

Has anyone tried the Topshop cream blushes or any other makeup from Topshop? Let me know what you think. Which is your favorite based on the swatches below?

L-R: Head Over Heels , Flush, Neon Rose

L-R: Head Over Heels, Flush, Neon Rose


6 thoughts on “Review- Topshop cream blushes

  1. Nay,I loveeeee themmm..I’m a sucker for cream blushes…which one do u plan to give me ?;)
    By the way,I Loveee the stila cream blush in gerbera as well…its to die for..

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