Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill silk eyeshadow- Review

Hi everyone! Last weekend, my sister and I went to Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall to do some makeup shopping. We always make sure to visit this store whenever she is in Dubai. This time we decided to treat ourselves with something from Giorgio Armani.

We have previously tried the  Eyes to Kill Excess mascara and the Skin Fabric Foundation (which are both AMAZING). This time we took a look at their range of silk eyeshadows. These are similar to the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadows.

We both picked No. 4 which is a beautiful dark greyish color with coral specks. We actually spent soooo much time at the counter as we couldn’t decide which color to buy. This costs 145 Dhs and it is surprisingly cheaper than the Chanel eyeshadow which costs around 160 Dhs, although the Chanel one comes with a little brush which is quite useful.

If I were to compare between the two, the Giorgio Armani has a powdery finish, whereas the Chanel one is more of a gel-like formula, but I love both. I am actually thinking of picking another color from the Giorgio Armani range. Has anyone tried these? Any other color that you recommend?



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