Favorite Product of the month- June

It’s time again for my favorite product of the month June. This time it is a hair product. I have read such good reviews about Lush solid shampoos and all Lush products in general, that I couldn’t resist stopping by a Lush store to take a look at what they have.

I already have a pretty good hair routine, but I thought what the heck, I don’t mind trying something new. I picked out the solid shampoo in Cinammon which I was told was good for hairfall. I was also told by the Lush SA that I shouldn’t use this shampoo without conditioner as it could be drying, so I also bought the American Cream conditioner.

I have been using these 2 products for about a month now, and I seriously LOVE them and am addicted. It takes getting used to, using a solid shampoo but after using it about two times I got the hang of it. The cinnamon solid shampoo smells AMAZING. I just wet it and run it through the length of my hair about 3 or 4 times and it does an excellent job of leaving my hair squeaky clean. I store my shampoo in a Lush shampoo bar tin, which keeps my shampoo dry (I make sure I leave the shampoo bar out to dry, before I put it into the tin, to avoid it from melting).

The American Cream conditioner is not as thick in consistency as my other conditioners, but it does the job. What I love the most about it is the scent it leaves on my hair even 2 days after washing which is great.

I will definitely repurchase the shampoo bar once I finish this (I was told it takes about 3 months to run out). It leaves my hair soft, smooth and silky and I am all for using more natural products for my hair. I love the conditioner solely for the smell, but I believe any other conditioner can do the job.

Has anyone tried these products? What other Lush products do you recommend?


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