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Lush Emotional Brilliance Lipsticks- Review

Hi friends:)

I am so excited to share with you my review of Lush Emotional Brilliance lipsticks. I visited the Lush store in Mirdif City Centre with my sister, and we literally went crazy over the array of colors they had. We ended up picking 2 lipsticks, 1 cream eyeshadow and 1 eyeliner.

The 2 lipstick shades that caught our attention were a bright pink color called ‘Believe’ and a beautiful dusky rose color called ‘Perspective’. The colors are so vibrant and feel lightweight on the lips, and are not sticky. ‘Perspective’ is perfect for when you have got heavy eye makeup on, and you want a neutral (but not nude) color on your lips. Believe is a gorgeous pink color, which should be paired with very simple eye makeup. I can’t get over how pretty this shade is. It is the perfect pink and is sure to grab attention. I LOVE it!

I also love the packaging of this makeup range, it is so simple, fuss-free and easy to use. Another plus point is that these lipsticks just cost 85 Dhs, which is such a steal.

Have you tried any lipsticks from this range? What other colors do you recommend?



Left: Perspective Right: Believe

Thanks to my lovely sister for these pics. My camera just stopped working:( so I am unable to take any pics for my blog. I need to buy a new camera ASAP, but in the meantime, my sister (who owns practically the same makeup and skincare products as me) will be doing swatches and providing me with all the pictures.


My lifesaver #2- Soap & Glory’s Dr. Spot

Hi Everyone!

A few months ago, I blogged about the Urban Decay Mattifying Powder which is my lifesaver ( Today, I am going to tell you about another product which is a definite lifesaver for me as well as my sister.

We just can’t live without Soap & Glory’s Dr. Spot. It is a transparent white gel which we apply on any red spots or breakouts that we have on our face. This literally calms the breakout, makes it less red and if you apply it twice or thrice a day for about 2  days, it totally disappears. The best way for this to work is to use it as soon as you notice you are about to have a really nasty breakout. Applying Dr. Spot directly on the area prevents it from getting any worse.

The only drawback is that this cannot be used under makeup, so it’s best to use it when you are just at home.

Has anyone tried this? Do you use any other product which is as great on spots or nasty breakouts?


Lush Buffy Body Butter- Review

Hi everyone!

About a week ago, my sister and I visited Lush and bought a bunch of things. I don’t know what it is about that store that just makes me want to try everything:) We also bought a couple of things from their Emotional Brilliance makeup range, that I will be reviewing soon.

One of the things we bought was the Buffy Body Butter. This is made of Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter and is used like a soap on damp skin. The SA told us that after using this, we do not need to apply body lotion.

I tried this product and I must say I am in LOVE! It is so rich and has tiny particles (made of ground rice and ground almonds) which scrub the skin very gently. So you get intense moisture as well as exfoliation which is perfect. After using it all over your skin, you just rinse with water and pat dry. It is perfect for people with dry skin, as it is extremely moisturizing. Just be careful, as it leaves the bathtub very slippery.

Do you recommend any other Lush Body products? Have you tried Buffy? What do you think?



OOTD- Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers!

I am so happy this Eid because it is my first Eid with my husband, so it’s a slightly different experience for me compared to when I was single. I have to visit my family as well as his, but it’s great:)

I wore a simple jalabiya, but my favorite part of my outfit was definitely the gorgeous hair piece I wore without a doubt. The only drawback about this hair piece is that the chains get tangled and knotted so easily and it is such a hassle to unknot it.


Jalabiya from Christella

Belle Noel By Kim Kardashian Ivory Enamel Hair Piece

Clutch- Zara, Shoes- Maria Pino




How I clean and dry my brushes!

Hi everyone! Today I will show you all how I clean my makeup brushes. Unfortunately, I am guilty of washing my brushes just once in a blue moon. I usually just use MAC’s brush cleanser to do it, but I know it is also important to wash them with water and soap.

A few months ago, my sister bought me Sigma’s Dry n Shape and she couldn’t stop talking about how easy it was to clean brushes using it.

I finally took mine out today and used it. I must say it makes the job of drying my brushes so much easier, and it supposedly just needs a few hours to dry brushes using it. I leave mine overnight however. What’s special about Sigma Dry n Shape is that it maintains the shape of the brushes.

A selection of my MAC and Sigma brushes. I wash them in water mixed with a little bit of Johnson’s baby shampoo.



Sigma Dry n Shape

It can be rolled up and stay upright!


Do any of you use this to dry your brushes? What do you think?


Review- Lancome Rouge in Love- Corail in Love 322M

I am so excited to share my review of my new lipstick, the Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick in ‘Corail in Love’ (322M).

I was spoilt for choice by the number of shades available for these lipsticks. I picked up 2 gorgeous colors, which I was told were the best selling ones. Today I wore this pretty peachy pink shade. I loved how it made my lips look. I can see myself wearing this everyday to work, as it is light and perfect for daytime wear. It is not too glossy, and not too matte. It is the perfect texture.

I can’t wait to show you the other shade I bought which is to die for.

Have any of you tried this range of lipsticks? What is your favorite color?

Without flash


New in from House of Harlow

Hi guys! Boy am I so glad it’s the weekend here in Dubai. Days are flying so quickly and before we know it, it will be Eid already. I can’t wait:)

Today, I finally bought myself something that I was always dying to get my hands on- the House of Harlow sunburst necklace. I am usually more into earrings and not necklaces, but I have always admired this particular necklace on people.

So I visited West L.A Boutique today in Sunset Mall and decided to buy it. It’s not really cheap (Dhs 360), but I thought what the heck, let me treat myself:) It is so gorgeous and I plan to wear it on Eid. I also love how it can be worn in two different ways.

What do you guys think? I am also eyeing the gorgeous headpieces that West L.A Boutique sells. Just waiting for my sister to arrive in Dubai next weekend so we can do a bit of jewellery shopping together.