How I clean and dry my brushes!

Hi everyone! Today I will show you all how I clean my makeup brushes. Unfortunately, I am guilty of washing my brushes just once in a blue moon. I usually just use MAC’s brush cleanser to do it, but I know it is also important to wash them with water and soap.

A few months ago, my sister bought me Sigma’s Dry n Shape and she couldn’t stop talking about how easy it was to clean brushes using it.

I finally took mine out today and used it. I must say it makes the job of drying my brushes so much easier, and it supposedly just needs a few hours to dry brushes using it. I leave mine overnight however. What’s special about Sigma Dry n Shape is that it maintains the shape of the brushes.

A selection of my MAC and Sigma brushes. I wash them in water mixed with a little bit of Johnson’s baby shampoo.



Sigma Dry n Shape

It can be rolled up and stay upright!


Do any of you use this to dry your brushes? What do you think?



4 thoughts on “How I clean and dry my brushes!

  1. Awesome post sis…the Sigma Dry n Shape is one of my best beauty related discoveries….
    It makes the whole process of cleaning ur brushes less of a chore…

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