Favorite Product of the Month- August

Hi my lovely friends! It is time again for my favorite product of the month. Time does fly doesn’t it?

This is a product I was going to review about a week ago, but since I loved it sooo much, I thought it better to choose it as my August favorite. It’s the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow in ‘On and On Bronze’. This is a gorgeous bronze colored cream eyeshadow that is perfect to wear on its own or as a base. I wear it on its own because it is such a pretty color. I apply it with my finger, and this seriously dries very fast, so you have got to be fast in spreading it all over your lids.

I wear this to work mostly, as it’s a neutral color that does not look too heavy or shiny and this seriously lasts for about 10 hours without creasing or smudging. The best part- it costs only about Dhs 45, which is awesome!!!

Have any of you tried this? What do you think?

P.S. Thanks to my sister Nadya for the pic (she is leaving Dubai soon, so i’m kind of panicking). My camera is still not working 😦



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