Inglot Sleeks Cream 109 – Review

Hi to all my beauty addicts!

I recently bought the Inglot Sleeks Cream lipgloss in 109. I have a lot of liglosses and I certainly don’t need anymore, but what actually drew me to this is the color. I love the purple color and I don’t own any similar shade.

This is a fabulous lipgloss. It is so moisturizing, light and non-sticky. It smells like vanilla and the purple color is so wearable. Most purple shades of lipsticks/lipgloss that I come across are not easy to wear. The best part is that you can apply it once on your lips, and it comes out as a sheer purple shade. If you apply more coats, it comes out a bit stronger but still a gorgeous purple.

These contain Vitamin E which is why it feels like a lipbalm. These lip paints come in a gorgeous array of pinks and coral colors, I loved every single one of them. The packaging is amazing too, love that you can keep it upright on the dressing table because it has got a flat top.

Have any of you tried this? What do you think?


This is a heavy swatch



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