In love with Tory Burch!

Hi everyone! I have had an unbelievably stressful week because of work, so I am so glad it’s the weekend.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you probably know how difficult it is for me to get shoes that are my size because I have such tiny feet. I have always loved Tory Burch ballet flats, so when I visited the store recently, I just happened to ask if they had them in my size. Surprisingly, they did have some of their stock in my size. I bought them in a navy blue color. I must say they are extremely uncomfortable, but I still LOVE them. I guess they will feel better once I have worn them a couple of times.

I also fell in love with the black Reva clutch bag at the store, so my darling brother (after he had enough of hearing me talk about it) decided to buy it for me as an early birthday present. He bought it online from Saks which turned out to be about Dhs 500 cheaper than how much they were selling it in the store here. I will definitely shop online for designer items from now on.

Have a great weekend my friends xx

Please excuse the fading henna marks on my feet:P

Top: Forever 21,  Jeans: Stradivarius


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