Mary-Lou Manizer- the best highlighter ever?

Hi my beautiful readers! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. 

I am here to tell you all about what I think is possibly the best highlighter ever (well, in my opinion anyway).  It is the Mary-Lou Manizer by ‘the Balm’. What a pretty name for a highlighter isn’t it? The packaging doesn’t disappoint either. I love anything that comes in  girly and colorful packaging. It is a gorgeous compact with a mirror, and comes with a ton of product. 

This is a gorgeous champagne colored highlighter with such a smooth, creamy powder texture (if that makes sense). There is no product fall off when you apply this, and this seriously highlights so it is important to blend well especially if you apply it on the cheeks. I love applying it at the inner corners of my eyes. 

This is my favorite highlighter that I own to date, in terms of texture, color and packaging. Has anyone tried this?

Mary-Lou Manizer cozts $24 and can be purchased online from


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