Burberry lipstick in Bright Plum

Hi guys. So I have been really curious about Burberry makeup, and quite a few beauty bloggers have been raving about their eyeshadows. So I visited the Burberry section in Bloomingdales recently and was drawn to the lipsticks. I decided to steer away from any pinks since I have LOADS of pink lipsticks in every imaginable shade.

I picked out a shade called Bright Plum (No. 15) because its a perfect color for this season. This costs Dhs 132 which really surprised me since it is cheaper than the YSL lipsticks which cost almost Dhs 160. I love this lipstick, both the shade as well as how it feels on the lips. It is described as a soft satin lipstick. It is sooo pigmented, not too glossy and not too matte, just PERFECT! This color is also extremely sexy and lasts long on the lips. I also love the packaging. The lipstick cover is magnetic so it just clasps into place.

Have any of you tried any makeup from Burberry? What do you recommend I try?



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