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A little haul from Victoria’s Secret

Hi friends. I know it has been forever since I posted anything. I just needed some time to rest and relax my mind. I am also looking forward to my leave from work in mid December so that I can have lots of time to get back to blogging.

So Dubai recently opened a bigger and better Victoria’s Secret store which I visited today. The place was insanely amazing. I just wished my sister was with me so we could do some mad shopping together.

I did pick up a few things though. My favorites are the make up bag and matching little mirror. How prettyyyy are they:) I was also lucky enough to get some free goodies because i spent a certain amount of money.

Any particular Victoria’s Secret body lotion or scent that you think I should try? There was just tooo many to choose from and so difficult to decide.

image       My free goodies:)


Favorite product of the month- October

Hi everyone. I know it has been so long since my last post but I have just been too busy juggling work as well as family and my home.

I am here to tell you about a Lush product that I was literally obsessed with last month and still am. It is a hand and body lotion called Karma Kream. For me, a body lotion or moisturiser becomes my favorite if it has a long lasting scent and leaves my skin really soft and smooth. Lush’s Karma Kream does both.

I use this every morning before I go to work and I still smell it on me when I come back home by 5. It smells kind of citrussy because it contains orange flower and patchouli oil. Now this scent is not for everyone. I think some people might find it too strong and overpowering. For instance my sister and aunt fell in love with it, but unfortunately my husband hates it:( so I avoid using it while I am at home with him.

Has anyone tried Karma Kream? Do you love it as much as I do?