My Spring / Summer makeup picks

Hi friends. It’s been absolutely ages since my last blog post because I have been sooo exhuasted during this last trimester of my pregnancy. I am 37 weeks now and can’t wait for it all to be over. I actually miss all my makeup and shopping. I was looking through my stash today and thought I would show you all my picks for the spring / summer, even though I don’t get to use them much now as I rarely go out.


The Diorskin Nude BB creme is perfect
for summer because it is light and non greasy. Just make sure to apply spf before using this as this does not have sun protection.


This Giorgio Armani face and eye palette is gorgeous. I especially love the turquoise eye shadow which I use to line under the eyes. This was sold out most places in Dubai and I am so happy I found it after a lot of searching as it is so worth it.


Dior bronzer and blush in Pink Glow. Perfect packaging and even more perfect colors. I love the natural glow it gives to the face. The pink blush is superb.


This Shiseido gold cream shadow is so creamy and easy to use. Perfect wash of color for the lids. The gold color is to die for and just perfect for the summer, with just mascara and bright lips.


I just lovvve pink lipstick for summer and this is one of my favorites- Limecrime lipstick in Great Pink Planet.


No summer makeup is complete without nailpolish and this nailpolish duo in Samba by Dior is perfect. I just feel like going to the beach after applying these.


A cheaper option for nailpolish are these amazing ones from Sally Hansen in Coral Reef and Mellow Yellow. The colors were just too hard to resist but I am yet to try them out.

So this is it for my spring/summer makeup picks. Hope you like it.

Please let me know in the comments what your favorite makeup is for the season. What else do you recommend?


2 thoughts on “My Spring / Summer makeup picks

  1. Woww nay….perfectttt…im in love with ur sally hansen nail colors…
    u shud do a post on ur skincare favorites too…we all wanna see tht…love u

  2. Thanks for sharing!^^ I really like the Dior nail polish duo. I keep seeing it at Sephora but I just might buy it now~!!

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