Pixi Bronze Bloom Trio- Review

Hi my lovely readers. So I am back after ages. A lot has happened since my last post. My husband and I became parents to a beautiful and precious little boy.

I really needed time to recover and bond with my baby. Taking care of a baby is really a 24 hour job. So while my sister is watching my little one, I decided to do a quick post on a product I have been obssessing over lately. Even though I have barely been leaving the house, I do sometimes like to put on a bit of makeup to lift up my mood and make me feel glamorous again. The pixi Bronze Bloom Trio in No. 1 Bronzette is what I have been reaching for.

It contains a gorgeous barbie pink blush and a peach blush and a beautiful bronzer all in one. The bronzer gives a subtle bronzy glow. It is not suitable for contouring. They all have a smooth satiny finish and makes my skin look so radiant.

I also adore the green packaging of pixi products. Are any of you fans of pixi? And product in particular?





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