Major haul from Selfridges

Hi my lovely friends. So Selfridges have just started international shipping to the Middle East which got me so psyched as I really wanted to get hold of some Charlotte Tilbury products.

Here are a few (not) things I bought. All these brands are not available in Dubai, except for Philosophy.



This cleanser / mask smells sooo amazing and the texture is so thick. I just started using it, so I am not sure about its long term benefits yet.



I can’t wait to try this Magic Cream. Has anyone started using it yet? What are your thoughts?






Can’t wait to use this shampoo / shower gel / bubble bath as it smells yummmyyy!





I am not really into packaging of products but I have to admit I LOVVVE the packaging of Charlotte Tilbury, especially the rose gold on the skin care products. Another aspect of the packaging that caught my attention and that I loved was the fact that each product has a full explanation of what it does.

Has anyone tried any of the products I bought? Please share your opinions.


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