The best skincare discovery of the year

If you ask me what my best skincare related discovery of the year is, I would immediately say “FOREO LUNA”.

I found out about this revolutionary product from a fellow blogger and I immediately did my research on it. I found nothing but rave reviews about it so I decided to buy it. The Foreo Luna is described as “a revolutionary facial-cleansing and anti-aging product that delivers clearer, younger-looking and more naturally beautiful skin”.I vouch for each of their claims.

The Foreo Luna has got small silicone bristles that are so gentle on the skin and non-abrasive. I use it with both my morning and night time skincare routine. I apply my Clarins foaming cleanser then use the Foreo Luna to massage it into my skin, after which I rinse off the cleanser. My skin looks cleaner, brighter and feels softer. I feel like my skincare products are now actually working and reaching deep into my skin to do its job. The Luna has also got an anti-aging mode which you can use to gently massage the parts of the face that are wrinkle prone.

The product has got a 2 year warranty and also can can go up to 450 uses without charge. How awesome is that!! It is so easy to use and easy to clean after each use. There are three types available- for ultra-sensitive skin, for sensitive / normal skin (which I bought), and for combination skin.

I can’t recommend it enough. It costs $199 which is quite pricey but totally worth it. The Foreo Luna can be purchased from




3 thoughts on “The best skincare discovery of the year

  1. It looks very unusual initially, but I can imagine it works pretty well. There are so many things that are abrasive and make my face a little sore! Thanks for sharing x

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