Favorite Product of the month – January

Hi friends. So this is my first post for the year. Sorry for being a few days late to post this.

So one product that I really loved and have to thank my lovely sister for buying is the Max Factor CC Cream. This is the second CC cream that I am trying, the first one being the Chanel CC Cream which I loved.

The Max Factor CC Cream feels like velvet on the skin. It has a light to medium coverage and what I loved the most about it, is that it has 6 shades available so anyone can find a shade that matches her skin tone (unlike the Chanel one which has just 2 shades). I have the colour ‘Medium’.

My skin looks beautiful and even when applying this and it has a matte coverage. This is definitely better than a bb cream because it is more skincare than makeup. I am totally obsessed with this and I use it everyday before going to work.

If you are looking for a product that has skincare benefits as well as colour corrects the skin beautifully and which does not break the bank, then this is definitely it. If I came across this before the Chanel CC Cream (which costs a whopping more than Dhs 300), then I would have definitely not bought the Chanel one.

Are you fans of CC Creams? Which is your favourite?





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