Major Sleek Haul

Hi again. Another brand of makeup that we do not have in Dubai is Sleek. Everyone raves about their blushes and eye shadows and about their excellent pigmentation and of course how affordable the brand is.

So off I went to Superdrug and bought a bunch of Sleek makeup. Please let me know what your favourite Sleek product is.















9 thoughts on “Major Sleek Haul

      • Unfortunately no dear, I ordered from one of local online here that selling brands not available win Malaysia and some of products my sister brought from Scotland while she used to study there. I have tried so many highlight and contour kit but then will go back to sleek one as I always got tons of compliment:) Yes as Allrosie Beauty mentioned Au Natural and storm are nice and I do own Curaco, Bad Girl, The Original as well.

  1. Hey! Which palette is that? I have storm and Au Natural and they are really nice! As Farrah mentioned above, the contour kit is amazing!!!! I have the pressed powder, its ok but there is better out there in my opinion! You will have to let us know how you have found all these products!?

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