The best bronzer – highlighter palette EVER!!!

One makeup brand I am obsessed with lately is Charlotte Tilbury. Whatever I own so far is amazing and hasn’t disappointed. When I visited London, I actually went to Selfridges just for Charlotte Tilbury. I now regret that I didn’t buy more.

I am currently obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. It is the best bronzer/highlighter palette I have ever tried. I have quite a few bronzers (Nars Laguna, MAC Harmony, etc. etc.) which are all good, but this is AMAZING and the BEST in my opinion because it somehow magically transforms your face in a very natural way and the powder is sooooo smooth and is the perfect shade. The highlighter is also perfect in the sense it highlights subtly but beautifully.

An added bonus is the amazing packaging. So sleek and sophisticated, love it!!

If you are looking for a bronzer, then this is definitely IT. It can only be found in Selfridges or can also be bought online from who now ship worldwide.


Charlotte Tilbury






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