Chantecaille Protection Naturelle SPF 46+++- a GENIUS product!

I was always in a predicament whenever I wanted to reapply my spf on my face but have a face full of makeup on. How do I do it without ruining my makeup?

Then I came across a genius product from Chantecaille (thank goodness they sell the brand in Dubai now). It is called the Chantecaille Protection Naturallelle SPF 46 PA+++.

This product is a life saver. I bought the shade ‘light’ which is a translucent powder containing spf 46 and which contains a built in brush that is perfect to touch up your makeup in the middle of the day while simultaneously providing high level protection.

It seriously doesn’t get better than this. I usually apply a BB cream with spf every morning before I go to work and by midday I use the Chantecaille powder on top which adds protection especially if I leave work and am facing the harsh sunlight.

Only drawback about this product is it’s steep price (around AED 344). It comes in 3 shades- Light,  Bronze and a Rose shade. 





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