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Tata Harper- review of the brand

Hello darlings.

I have always spoken about my love for Zelens skincare especially on my Instagram page (@naysdesires ) as so far none of their products have disappointed me.

Another skincare brand I have been loving lately and using alongside my Zelens products is Tata Harper.

First of all, who can resist the lush green, glass packaging? It looks so attractive.

Although extremely pricey just like Zelens, Tata Harper products are “100% natural and nontoxic”.

I have bought their Purifying Cleanser which I use as a morning cleanser; their Regenerating Cleanser which I use as a second cleanse once a week; Rejuvenating Serum which can be used both morning and night; Replenishing Nutrient Complex which I use as a serum in the night if I need something more for my skin and finally the Resurfacing Mask. All these products did not disappoint and I am already on my third bottle of the Replenishing Nutrient Complex which is definitely my favorite.




If you are someone who does not mind investing in your skin, and are looking for something natural, then definitely try out Tata Harper. I buy the products online from Cult Beauty.

If you are already a fan of Tata Harper skincare, what else do you recommend and what is your favorite product? Would love to see your comments.