OOTD- Peplum and Colored Denim!

Hi friends, hope you are all enjoying your weekend. My sister just left for Oman so I am missing her terribly at the moment. I enjoyed having her around and miss those days when we used to shop together before we each got married. By the way, you must follow her on Instagram (@nadya1983). She is as beauty obsessed as me so you will really enjoy her pictures.

Hope you like today’s OOTD. I took several pictures but unfortunately hated how they all turned out, except this:p

Top, jeans and handbag from Zara, ballet flats from Tory Burch, necklace from House of Harlow (West LA Boutique)



OOTD- Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers!

I am so happy this Eid because it is my first Eid with my husband, so it’s a slightly different experience for me compared to when I was single. I have to visit my family as well as his, but it’s great:)

I wore a simple jalabiya, but my favorite part of my outfit was definitely the gorgeous hair piece I wore without a doubt. The only drawback about this hair piece is that the chains get tangled and knotted so easily and it is such a hassle to unknot it.


Jalabiya from Christella

Belle Noel By Kim Kardashian Ivory Enamel Hair Piece

Clutch- Zara, Shoes- Maria Pino




OOTD- Day out to the movies

Hi everyone, I am back with another OOTD post. I recently went to Miss Selfridges and on my way out of the store, I noticed a ‘body chain’ that I just could not leave without. It just perfectly glams up any casual outfit.

I wore this when I went to the movies with my husband today. I watched Snow White and the Hunsman. I loved the movie.

Hope you like my outfit.

Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Topshop, Body chain: Miss Selfridges, Shoes: Steve Madden, Ring: ASOS, Bag: Louis Vuitton

OOTD- Couples Night Out!

Hi everyone:)

I know it has been so long since my last post, but it is just so difficult having a full-time job plus a husband and home to take care of. I am just too exhausted to blog at the end of the day. Weekends are usually the only time when I have time to sit down and relax. I am starting to think , how will it be once we have kids?

Anyways, I had the best weekend ever. My sister and her husband were visiting Dubai from Oman and yesterday, we (along with 2 cousins and their husbands) all went out to Caramel (a restaurant and lounge) for dinner. This was the perfect time to dress up and put lots of makeup:).

Hope you like my outfit. It is a bit understated compared to what I usually wear for nights out but I loved it, especially the assymetrical skirt, which was given to me by my lovely sister.

What I wore: Skirt- Forever 21, basic black top (really old, must be from Zara), shoes- Steve Madden, turquoise jewellery- Global Village, clutch bag- Mango (really old too).

OOTD- Casual, neon stripes

Hi everyone!

I’m so glad the weekend is finally here. I had quite an eventful week. I got a really bad reaction to a vaccine I had, so I had to stay home from work for 2 days. I am so glad I am ok now. I also went for a job interview which went extremely well, although I don’t think I would take the job (if I got it) due to how long the commute would be.

Anyways, I won’t bore you guys anymore. Today I wore something casual as I was just going to have dinner with my family. My husband and I also dropped by the mall as I needed a few things from my favourite store, Bloomingdales .

I love this neon striped T-shirt. It is so comfortable yet so trendy for the summer. The humidity is unbelievable here in Dubai so I love wearing something loose and airy. I usually wear flats when I go to the mall, especially Dubai Mall which is HUGE.

Top- Shana, Jeans- River Island, Shoes- Vincci, Bag-Topshop

Bracelets and ring- ASOS

Nay’s Outfit of the Day- Houndstooth with a splash of Coral

I am so glad its Friday, which means I can sleep in and basically just sit and laze around at home. I did eventually go out for dinner with my husband and this is what I wore. This pretty pencil skirt with a houndstooth print was given to me by my lovely sister Nadya who thought it was so me:) She told me to pair it up with something bright. Hope you like it Nadya!

Skirt- H&M, Top- Zara, Shoes- Steve Madden, Spike ring- Topshop

In love with my spikes earrings from Forever 21