My pink designer treats

Hi my lovely friends.

Today I decided to treat myself to a new designer handbag. I had Prada in mind but once I set my eyes on the bags in Saint Laurent, I was sold. I just felt they were more me.




Nay’s Current Obsession- Tory Burch

It has been a while since I did my last post on my current obsession- the YSL Arty ring (check out the post here ), which I did end up buying by the way. On to my next obsession then;)

Tory Burch has recently opened in the Dubai Mall. Before that, I had never really heard about this brand so I was curious and wanted to check out their stuff. I am so glad I went into the shop. Their bags are are so chic and trendy. They also have amazing shoes and accessories.

I went through the Tory Burch website and these are my 2 favorite picks from their handbag selection. Hope they sell these exact ones in the Dubai Mall, I think they are from a new collection. Which of these 2 bags do you like better?

My current obsession- the YSL Arty ring



The latest piece of jewellery that has been cropping up on the fingers of all fashionistas and celebrities these past few months is the YSL Arty ring. I must say this is the one thing i can’t wait to get my hands on. I would love to own either the pink or coral colored one (or any other color, who cares really?)

Does anyone know where I can buy it in Dubai? It is sold out in Harvey Nichols. Unfortunately, I can’t order for it online as I am not sure of my size, I would like to try it on first before buying it.

Have a great weekend you guys and see you in my next post xx