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How to get rid of breakouts!

Breakouts on the face are the worst thing that can happen to a girl, especially if they ‘magically’ appear the day of a big event. Been there done that countless times.

Well, I have got just the product which will rescue you out of that situation (if done the right time and way of course). Ever since I incorporated acid toning to my daily skincare routine, I have barely experienced any breakouts. (Thank you Caroline Hirons)👍.

The weather in Dubai has been pretty gross lately with lots of sandy wind which really doesn’t do my skin any favors. I had suddenly discovered 2 major breakouts on my forehead to my dismay. I took out my favorite Alpha H glycolic acid treatment (which I use every alternate night as a toner). I soaked a piece of cotton wool with it and applied directly on the breakout and kept it there for a few seconds. I kept doing this every 2 hours or so or whenever I remembered throughout the day and the next. The breakouts did not get worse, became less red and disappeared without leaving a scar in about 2 days. It was pure magic. Make sure you keep your face moisturized with a face oil though, as all that toning can be drying.

The trick is to get the breakout in its beginning stage otherwise I am not sure how effective the process would be.

I purchase my Alpha H from Cult Beauty  and other alternatives are the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner and the Pixi Glow Tonic. Make sure you use your Spf the morning after and every morning of course for extra protection.






Beauty Haul from Feel Unique

It’s been so long since I did a proper beauty haul from online,  especially from one of my favorite websites- http://www.feelunique.com.

I bought a bunch of stuff which I needed (and some which I just wanted😆) and I can’t wait to share my purchases with you. The best part is I got everything for 20% off.



The Glamoriser detangling dryer brush looks so interesting. This caught my eye because rather than just blow drying my hair, I would also be detangling it simultaneously which definitely makes things easier.


I have heard of this brand before but never used it.  It is made of natural ingredients and I love the smell of coconut. Can’t wait to use this on my special pampering days.


Nuxe reve de miel lip balm is my absolute favorite and I use it every single night. This is a repurchase since my current one is almost over.


If you are following me on Instagram or a regular reader of my blog,  then you would know I am never without my Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm. This is a repurchase since my skincare regimen doesn’t exist without this.


I love Real Techniques makeup brushes but I don’t own any from the bold metals collection. This seems like an amazing contouring brush.


This was a spur of the moment last minute purchase as I love anything that is leave-in lately for my hair. Can’t wait to see how this fares when applyed on to my hair.


I used to use Moroccan Oil on my hair and I quite liked it.  This was a good offer for a bigger 125ml size with a free tote bag and of course with the 20% discount.

Have you tried any of the products I bought? Let me know what you think of my latest haul.

Empties- my holy grail cleansers


I surprisingly finished all my favorite cleansers around the same time. Thank God I always have back ups for these.
These are repurchases and my skincare staples at the moment and nothing comes close at the moment:)

The Body Shop Camomile cleansing oil is my favorite first cleanse which I use to dissolve all makeup every night. It is usually makeup that I wear to work. It also smells so nice and pleasant and is easy to wash off.

After Body Shop,  I usually go for the Emma Hardie cleansing balm for a second cleanse to ensure my skin is really clean and there is no traces of makeup/dirt left. I have spoken about this product countless times and it is a cult product. It is expensive but so worth it. Once you are hooked,  there is no looking back.

Another pricey cleanser I have been hooked on for my morning cleanse is the Tata Harper purifying cleanser. It leaves my skin nice and clean every morning and smells luxurious. It is also non foaming which is always the best option for a cleanser.

What are your holy grail cleansers?  Which skincare product have you finished and loved lately?

Tata Harper- review of the brand

Hello darlings.

I have always spoken about my love for Zelens skincare especially on my Instagram page (@naysdesires ) as so far none of their products have disappointed me.

Another skincare brand I have been loving lately and using alongside my Zelens products is Tata Harper.

First of all, who can resist the lush green, glass packaging? It looks so attractive.

Although extremely pricey just like Zelens, Tata Harper products are “100% natural and nontoxic”.

I have bought their Purifying Cleanser which I use as a morning cleanser; their Regenerating Cleanser which I use as a second cleanse once a week; Rejuvenating Serum which can be used both morning and night; Replenishing Nutrient Complex which I use as a serum in the night if I need something more for my skin and finally the Resurfacing Mask. All these products did not disappoint and I am already on my third bottle of the Replenishing Nutrient Complex which is definitely my favorite.




If you are someone who does not mind investing in your skin, and are looking for something natural, then definitely try out Tata Harper. I buy the products online from Cult Beauty.

If you are already a fan of Tata Harper skincare, what else do you recommend and what is your favorite product? Would love to see your comments.

Products I regret buying…


There are 2 products that I have recently purchased that I really regret buying.

First is the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Face Mist. Now this seemed really promising as it is clarifying and also has anti-aging benefits. The reason why I didn’t like it at all is because it left my face really red once I applied it and I felt a horrible burning sensation. I used it a couple of times but then stopped as I thought no product should be making my face feel this way.  Such a waste. 
Has anyone of my readers tried this?

Another product I regret buying is the EE cream from Estee Lauder. This is a meh product to me because it did nothing for my skin. It’s as if I haven’t applied anything, had no coverage whatsoever. I am all for light coverage but not no coverage as any moisturiser can do that. Anyone a fan of this product?

Major lookfantastic Haul

I recently discovered a 20% off sitewide on lookfantastic which I had to take advantage of as it stocked most of the skincare brands that I use. I made sure I restocked on most of my skincare and also bought things that I have always wanted to try but were a bit pricey.


1- Tangle Angel: I couldn’t resist.  It’s pink,  heart shaped and has angel wings at the back.  It can also stand.

2- Grow Gorgeous hair growth serum: I am just preparing myself for the impending hairfall that I will be suffering with because I just had a baby. Hope this works.

3- Alterna Overnight Hair Rescue: Heard good things about Alterna and this just seems like a good overnight treatment which I do not currently own. image


1- Alpha H Liquid Gold: This is my second bottle as my first one will be over soon. I can’t live without this stuff.

2- Ole Henrikson African Red Tea Face Mist: This seemed like a good hydrating toner and it is also clarifying.

3- Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum- I have been looking all over Dubai for this as Caroline Hirons raved about it.  They don’t seem to sell it here so it was a perfect choice to buy it with the 20% off.

4- Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm: I am a fan of the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and wanted to try something else from the brand.  This was also recommended by Caroline Hirons.

5- Zelens Resurfacing Facial Pads: This is a repurchase and I can’t live without this stuff. Mine just ran out yesterday and thank goodness I have received this today.  My nighttime skincare routine is incomplete without this.

6- Zelens Z Matrix- I am a huge fan of Zelens skincare and my sister loves this particular moisturiser due to its hydrating properties so I thought I should take advantage of the sale and get this as Zelens is so expensive. image


1- Ole Henrikson Lavender Body Oil: this sounded like something my body needs especially after giving birth.  Can’t wait to try it. image

I also received the lookfantastic Beauty Box for free as I spent a certain amount.  Haven’t opened it yet though. Anyone else made use of the discount?

Review- Zelens Youth Glow Foundation

Lately,  I have been obsessed with Zelens skincare and I am trying to get my hands on everything they have to offer.
The brand also recently launched it’s own makeup line and what really caught my eye is the Youth Glow Foundation mainly because of it’s skincare properties.  I am definitely not a foundation user (I just own one foundation used only for parties / weddings) and rely on my tinted moisturisers,  BB and CC creams for daily use.

I usually hate the heavy congested feeling that foundations make my skin feel but this one is a totally different ball game.  I decided the best test would be to wear it to work and see how my skin feels after about 9-10 hours of wear.

Firstly,  the foundation is quite light and ‘liquidy’ in consistency. I apply it either with my fingers or my Wayne Goss stipling brush and both ways work very well. It has got light coverage,  gives the skin a light natural glow and doesn’t require any powder on top.  It looks very natural yet gives the skin life.

Wearing foundation for long hours almost always breaks me out but this foundation totally didn’t. This also looked surprisingly fresh on my skin throughout my work day and with no oiliness on my t-zone which is a huge surprise.
Best part of it all is I know that while the foundation is on my skin,  it is also simultaneously giving me skincare and anti ageing benefits. What more can a girl ask for?

I order Zelens either on Space NK or Cultbeauty. The Youth Glow Foundation costs £60.
Anyone tried this or the Age Control Foundation? Would love to know your views.