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Review- Charlotte Tilbury’s Multi-Miracle Glow

Hi friends. A few months ago I ordered a bunch of Charlotte Tilbury products from Selfridges and so far I am loving each and everything from her makeup to skincare products.

Lately, I am obsessed with her Multi-Miracle Glow. It can be used as a balm cleanser or a leave-in mask. I actually apply it every night on to my dry skin and massage it in. I then rinse it out or use a wet flannel to wipe it off. It actually leaves my skin literally baby soft and clean and it does not feel stripped off or dry. I also love the scent. The product is baby pink in color (so lovely) and is a gel-like texture.

I have also used it as an overnight leave in mask which leaves my skin soft, smooth and hydrated although next time I will probably leave it for just an hour and wipe it off as it can spoil my sheets.

The Multi-Miracle Glow can also be used as a skin SOS on dry areas like knees, elbows, even cuticles- how awesome is that?

Charlotte Tilbury products are quite pricey but they are worth it as they are luxurious and high quality with excellent packaging.

What are your favorite products from her skincare/makeup line? Would love to know your opinions.








Favorite Product of the month – January

Hi friends. So this is my first post for the year. Sorry for being a few days late to post this.

So one product that I really loved and have to thank my lovely sister for buying is the Max Factor CC Cream. This is the second CC cream that I am trying, the first one being the Chanel CC Cream which I loved.

The Max Factor CC Cream feels like velvet on the skin. It has a light to medium coverage and what I loved the most about it, is that it has 6 shades available so anyone can find a shade that matches her skin tone (unlike the Chanel one which has just 2 shades). I have the colour ‘Medium’.

My skin looks beautiful and even when applying this and it has a matte coverage. This is definitely better than a bb cream because it is more skincare than makeup. I am totally obsessed with this and I use it everyday before going to work.

If you are looking for a product that has skincare benefits as well as colour corrects the skin beautifully and which does not break the bank, then this is definitely it. If I came across this before the Chanel CC Cream (which costs a whopping more than Dhs 300), then I would have definitely not bought the Chanel one.

Are you fans of CC Creams? Which is your favourite?